Max Ten Ephedra

Max Ten is no longer available!

Max Ten is one of the most powerful, high impact, all natural, 100% Safe & Effective, fat burning, energy boosting, weight management, herbal, nutritional products. This product is exclusively formulated and developed according to the latest cutting edge scientific dietary discoveries.


Thermogenic products provide an excellent energy boost while working to decrease your appetite and burn fat!

MAX TEN is powerful, preservative-free, all natural synergistic blend of Nature’s herbs, specially selected and exclusively formulated to work fast and easy. They provide the body with the energy needed to restore itself and aid in helping you to look and feel your best as you lose unwanted fat and pounds. Its main function is to cause a central suppression of appetite and to ignite the body’s thermogenesis process. MAX TEN is the safest, most natural way to assist you in achieving your fat/weight loss goal! No drugs are involved, which means no harmful side effects. Just a safe, gentle and steady fat/weight loss that can start you on your way to better health!

MAX TEN is the safest, most powerful, effective weight management, energizing products available in the market place, and according to strength and active ingredients, the most affordable!


Lose Fat/Weight and Melt Away Those Ugly Pounds Nature’s Way

…the healthy way…the MAX way!

No Starvation Dieting! No Dangerous Side Effects! Completely 100% Natural!

Few people realize the fat-melting power of certain herbs. Herbs are wholesome, natural food for the entire body, helping the body to stay healthy. These herbs attack fat, help dissolve it and drain away excess water so you can lose fat/weight and maintain muscle tone. They lessen hunger pangs better than any drugs and produce no dangerous side effects.

MAX TEN is powerful all-natural synergistic blends of Nature’s herbs that works fast and easy to provide the body with the energy needed to restore itself and enable you to look and feel your best as you lose unwanted fat and pounds. Its main function is to cause a central suppression of appetite and to ignite the body’s thermogenesis process, the peripheral stimulation of energy expenditure covered by fat oxidation.

Thermogenesis …Don’t Lose Weight, Lose Fat!

Let’s talk about fat and weight management and the utilization of the body’s natural process to fight obesity. This process is called thermogenesis, so named because it turns the stored fat into heat. The best way to lose fat/weight is not to reduce the calories you consume, but to burn up the ones you’ve already got stored in body fat more efficiently. The thermogenesis process, which MAX TEN ignites, is emerging as the most important fat/weight management development in decades! Controlling body fat by manipulating the thermogenesis does not rely on fad diets but instead, will repair the metabolic process that is deficient in the overfat person.

Thermogenesis is your body’s prime tool for ridding itself of excess calories by turning these calories into heat energy. Thermogenesis is one of your body’s most vital physiological processes. The organ, Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT), specializes in this process. Scientific studies have shown that by increasing the rate at which BAT turns White Adipose Tissue into heat, you can lose weight! Although thermogenesis occurs in all the cells, scientists believe that many overfat problems are caused by irregular thermogenic metabolism in BAT. BAT thermogenesis is supposed to eliminate calories that are not used. Therefore, if you have faulty thermogenesis in BAT, you will have a fat/weight management problem. Solution…ignite the improper functioning BAT by taking MAX TEN! When you do, a marvelous natural, powerful event will occur. The thermogenic process starts again, resulting in (1) the growth of new BAT and (2) the elimination of new and stored calories, which means fat/weight loss!!

At present, the best thermogenic solution to aid fat/weight management (restoring BAT function) is the consumption of products that contain ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin in the phytopharmacological (plant-based) state. On the scene is MAX TEN utilizing Ma Haung (ephedra, an adrenergic stimulating agent used in China and throughout the East for thousands of years as a tonic that activates fat-burning BAT cells by activating their b-receptors), Kola Nut (containing naturally occurring caffeine which increases the b-receptor stimulating action of ephedra in a synergistic manner), White Willow Bark (naturally occurring aspirin) and Chromium Proteinate/Chromium Picolinate (helps to lose weight and maintain muscle tone), combined with an array of other beneficially healthful herbs to provide the best synergistic all-natural, most powerful fat/weight-loss and energy boosting formula in the universe! MaxLabs has provided in MAX TEN a formula of herbal food and herbal food components that activates the thermogenic metabolic process in BAT, resulting in the elimination of dietary and stored fat. You should notice a significant reduction in body fat along with a new shape after using these products. And remember, your success should be Measured…Not weighed!

The MAX TEN thermogenic process has three incredible extra benefits:

1. Energy! You will experience a dramatic boost in your energy levels throughout the day. Energy level increases are a result of increased flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and brain. In addition, fat loss increases energy.

2. Extra Boost In The Bedroom! Because of the increased energy levels, you will find that your performance in the bedroom will be tremendously enhanced.

3. Appetite Suppression! By including the miracle mineral Chromium in its formula, you will not only experience appetite suppression, but scientific studies have proven that Chromium also causes reduced craving for sugar and other refined carbohydrates, greater energy response for aerobics, more efficient muscle/lean body mass growth, decreased mood swings, blood sugar metabolism, increased memory and the lowering of cholesterol and other blood fat levels.

Finally…some people have immediate results with our thermogenic and others may take several days or even weeks to see results. This period of time will vary depending on how seriously deficient in BAT a person is to begin with. If it doesn’t work right away, don’t give up, because the BAT will eventually expand its capacity to the point where it can begin operating effectively. When the BAT begins operating effectively, the fat will begin to burn off!